The Photographers' Exchange Members' Gallery

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Gallery 1
Larry Vogel
Larry Vogel has exhibited his work since 1979 and continues to exhibit nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, and the Africus, Johannesburg Biennale, 1997. Larry Vogel is a co-founder, and former director of the Photographers' Exchange. Website

Scott Mathews Gallery
Scott Mathews
Scott has been a commercial photographer for 26 years shooting for such clients as Home Depot, Vans Shoes, Shimano, Fleetwood Motor homes, and numerous others. His true passion is landscape, wildlife and travel photography. He has traveled across the US as well as Africa, South America and China in pursuit of great photo destinations. Scott has also been an active product tester for Lensbaby camera lenses and some of his images have been used in their marketing. Scott is the current director of The Photo Exchange. Website
Bill Edwards Gallery
Bill Edwards
Bill is a Southern California based fine art, landscape, nature, travel photographer and current co-director of The Photographer's Exchange. He specializes in several digital post processing methods. As an avid outdoor photographer he has traveled extensively with an emphasis on the west coast of the United States. Graduate of Brooks Institute Of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, BA in Cinematography/Photography and MFA in Photography, he has been employed with Fujifilm North America for 25 years and currently is a digital imaging technical product specialist. Website

Harvey Chin Gallery
Harvey Chin
Photography has been a passion for many years since high school. Starting with a Petri 35mm from my dad and eventually a few film cameras I was bitten by the camera bug. College, kids and a career kept my photography time in check until recently. For lack of a better description, travel photography is my passion. I enjoy the challenge of visualizing and creating an image. Harvey is also current co-director of The Photographer's Exchange. Website

Don VandenBerge Gallery
Don VandenBerge
For me, photography is not about making a copy of the world. I view photography more as an artistic endeavor, a combination of taking the image that the camera records and integrating it with my own artistic judgement and interpretation. With the digital age, it gives me the ability to take an image and manipulate it to a changed state, this is what is interesting to me. Website

Michael Weitzman Gallery
Michael Weitzman
Michael embraces new ideas, utilizing both traditional analog and digital science to create works that draw the viewer in to investigate a connection. He draws inspiration from life experience and an ever changing world. Beauty and mystery are at the heart of his exploration. Michael is married with two children and splits time living in Bozeman MT and Mission Viejo CA. Website

Roger Bennett Gallery
Roger Bennett
I have been photographing the landscape in black & white for over 30 years. My landscape photographs are borne from my desire to communicate the beauty I see in the natural world, and my love for nature, unaffected by our modern civilization. The unspoiled landscape is rapidly disappearing, and I think that we should be reminded how incredible the world is now, and to preserve that gift as much as we can. I believe that most, if not all, landscape images have this underlying objective. In a more selfish vein, my photographs are also my way of remembering the sights and the feelings I had when I took the pictures. The exhilaration I feel when I take a picture is what I try to capture in my photographs. If others can share my sense of excitement when they see these images, then I have succeeded. - Roger Bennett
Roger has had several one-man exhibitions in fine art galleries in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas, including the Huntington Beach Library and the Cypress College Gallery, and has been part of several group shows as well. Roger is currently in the Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair and represented at the Forest and Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach.

Gallery 2
Jan Brueckner
I started taking pictures in high school and have been doing it ever since. The arrival of the digital age combined with my membership in the Photo Exchange have stimulated lots of new work, some of which you see here. Additionally Jan has compiled a photobook titled "Digital Photographs, 2003-2015" which can be viewed in .pdf format here.

Gallery 4
Diane Reeves
In the “Duets” Series, the words “Do not fold, spindle or mutilate” have a special resonance. First the b/w prints are painted, then cut or torn apart, then re-assembled by weaving the parts together to create another image. They are grommeted to hand made paper and details are sewn in.

Ted Nichols Gallery
Ted Nichols
I became serious about photography after taking classes locally from Don Huntsman and John Sexton. After viewing the work of Huntsman and Edmund Teske, I liked the artistry that the duotone solarization instilled in an image. Not knowing how the image will turn out adds excitement to the process. Sometimes when a print is too dark I turn to Photoshop to make it an acceptable image.

Gallery 6
Brigitte Schobert
Brigitte came to US in 1981 from Munich, Germany. Worked as a scientist at the University of California, Irvine, until 2006. Since then, time and effort are divided between photography of people and urban settings, and printmaking (etchings, woodcuts, linoleum cuts).

Gallery 7
Janos K. Lanyi
Born in Hungary, emigrated to U.S. in 1957. Degrees in chemistry from Stanford and Harvard. Since 1980, Professor of Physiology & Biophysics at University of California, Irvine. Color and B&W photography of people, machines, buildings, landscape, and travels to exotic and not so exotic lands.

Gallery 8
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson currently exhibits a collection of nature and landscape photographs on the Southern California art walk and art festival circuits. These are a few of the favorites.

Gallery 9
Frank Cancian
My one-person shows include photographs of southern Italy (Rhode Island School of Design 1958), a Chiapas, Mexico Mayan community (Stanford University 1974), and recent US work (Irvine Fine Arts Center 2007). A book, Orange County Housecleaners (2006), combines life stories told by seven women and my photos of them.

Gallery 10
Barbara Runge
Although I am primarily a painter, I carry a camera to record images that I may use for future paintings. Occasionally some of my images work nicely as photographs. The photographs on my gallery page are from a single trip to San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

Gallery 12
Robert Staeck
While stationed in Germany at the close of WWII my dad chose the hobby of photography to occupy his time, my mom from her teens loved to paint and draw. So many years of creative influence on my evolving artistic expression have firmly established a lifelong passion in me.

Gallery 13
Maurice Fialkoff
I started photography in 1943. In 1975 I attended classes with Sandor Demlinger and fine art photography with John Sexton. Became acquainted and inspired by Al Belson. Being an Engineer I like the technical side of photography and have built equipment for various clients, now I concentrate on building Pinhole cameras and photography.

Gallery 15
Larry Pribble
Larry Pribble resists being called a photographer, and prefers the title of "photophile", a lover of the medium. However, his photographs are a testament to his ability to recognize a good image from behind the camera. His good eye and esthetic sensibilities have been honed over many years of standing before the great images hanging on the walls of the most prestigious galleries and museums.